Sunday, 28 September 2008

Dancing like chersleaders

Dancing like chersleaders

Recently I awakened after more than 6 hours to fall asleep
Because I dreamed of this day so beautiful, I rarely dream like this,
a woman came to me, smiling with a face so beautiful like women I yearn for this

when addition, her dancing in front of me, remind me to a chersleaders
in my first high school, I more wander in my dreams , as real and full of
beauty, oh god don't wake me now ......

immediately, i be heard the strange voice on my ears,
"wake uuppppppppp", the god does not wake me, but my mom awake, when I are enjoying this dream, when the climax of a dream will happen , maybe my mom too afraid I have slept so long, may also be afraid of my mom if the child dies going to sleep

Sleep is so fun, more fun than anything in this world, except ....


  1. Luckily your mother come and wake you up. Probably she thought what gone wrong with you.

  2. mari kita dancinga gan... moga aja bisa D:

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